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Like never before !!!Thousands of people benefited already!!! , Lalitha Astrology Centre conducts seminars on “Happy married life
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Lalitha Astrology Centre (Since1970), Relief/Remedies Provided for all kinds of Problems
Like never before!!! Thousands of people benefited already!!!
When a person is in poor health he visits a doctor. When a person is having legal tangles he consults a lawyer. When a person is at the cross roads not knowing how to deal with the future, he needs to consult an appropriate / genuine Astrologer

One cannot avoid the destiny. Bit one can work to enhance happiness and minimise unhappiness. For all kinds of problems, definite relief will be provided. More value than money value!!!

Sri Vijay Kumar Acharya is well qualified - MA in Astrology, Jyotish Abhijna, D.Mus, DBM, B.Pharm from Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University.

Shri Vijaya Kumar Acharya has studied Pharmacy from Banaras Hindu University and worked for more than 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry across the country in various states. He worked as general manager for various pharmaceutical organisations like Cadila, Aurobindo Pharma, Charak, IDPL, ODCL etc. He has contributed number of formulations to different organisations and specialised in production, Planning and Inventory control now known as supply chain management. He worked in Government and private sectors with equal ease for 15 years each. He also worked as Consultant Advisor with Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council, Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Government of India.

He developed passion for occult sciences right from his childhood. He also completed a 3-year diploma course in Hindusthani music from Banaras Hindu University and is now prescribing music therapy.

He is blessed with two daughters. His first daughter, Shivani did her fashion technology from NIFT and event management, married to Mr Namburi Kesav and are living in London along with their son Ritwik.

His second daughter Sarvani did her MBA from Nottingham University, UK and is living in USA happily with her husband Mr Sridhar Dubbaka.

Lalitha Astrology Centre offers you ....

Guidance on:

Education, Job, Business, Marriage, Children, Foreign Travel, Health, Relationship issues etc. through Kundli (Horoscope), Match making, Vaastu, Numerology, Name logy, Palmistry, Gem & Crystal therapy, music therapy etc.


Mr Vijay KumarAcharya is well known for astrological counseling in north India. His theme is “Have always a better future”.

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