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Like never before !!!Thousands of people benefited already!!! , Lalitha Astrology Centre conducts seminars on “Happy married life

About Us

lalithaastrology.com has been providing solutions for all kinds of Problems for people of all walks of life in India and several other countries like UK, USA etc.
Sri Vijay Kumar Acharya is well qualified - MA in Astrology, Jyotish Abhijna, D.Mus, DBM, B.Pharm from Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University.
To obviate the problems through simple techniques: We are very proud to say that he is the Professional Astrologer, consultant of life prediction (horoscope), Palmistry, Numerology, Gem therapy, Graphology, Vastu, Fengshui expert, Music therapist, Human motivator, Personality development expert etc

Vastu is basically the effect of light and ventilation. In olden days people used to depend on Sun light only. With the invention of electricity the equations have totally changed. As per modern vastu, one has to identify the location (topography), direction of Sun, wind direction, the seasonal effect etc.

He also has worked in the senior management for several pharmaceutical organisations across the country and developed the industry. His motive is plan and achieve. Planning is nothing but going into the future observing and coming back to the present to implement.

There is no problem existing in the world without a solution. We need to identify that and take rectification steps. Many people coming to astrologers feel that the results come as per their horoscope only without realising that they need to put efforts. With efforts the happiness increases and the unhappiness reduces. This is the mantra.

When dasha is favourable, with minimum efforts we get good results. When the planetory position is not conducive we need to take remedial steps like mantra jaap, ratna dharana, daan, homa etc. The planets are represented through different people around us. They bring happiness or pose challenges as per our graham dasha.

This site is started by Shri Vijay Kumar Acharya to provide genuine astrological services and to educate the younger generation about our ancient astrology in combination with the western astrology.

Lalitha Astrology Centre conducts seminars on “Happy married life

Theworld is changing. The values are also changing as per time place and situation Relationship issues are increasing. The days ahead will see major changes in the communication side. Those who realize, plan in a better way to improve the quality of life.

We also conduct programmes at Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Benaras and other places for the benefit of thousands of our members taking up the following issues like Education, Selection of profession, Job / Promotions, Business, Difficulties / Rivalries, Foreign Travel, Loss of money, Matrimonial / Relationship problems, Health, Court cases, Land Disputes, Mental peace and various other constraints

We find several people standing at the cross roads not knowing how to deal with the future. Specially the qualified also look for things to happen by themselves without putting the right efforts. The current youth has an immediate requirement of guidance on selecting the life partner and also to lead a happy living. There are several people lacking the guidance from their parents gurus and friends!!

Eminent astrologers and human trainers who are highly experienced and qualified from Indian and western universities provide a practical training session and have already conducted such training programmes at Mumabi, Ahmedabad, Benaras. The session also includes remedial steps as prescribed in our ancient vedic culture and modern western managerial techniques to obviate the constraints people are facing. Mr Vijay KumarAcharya is well known for astrological counselling in north India. His theme is “Have always a better future”.
Free seminars are also conducted on request from corporate houses and educational institutions.
Those who are interested in conducting such seminars
can contact Shri Vijay Kumar Acharya on 91- 98490 15527, 96766 29739 for further details.

We can provide your complete horoscope in detail along with having phone conversation with Vijay Kumar Acharya to clarify your doubts. You can contact us for your palmistry reports, for house vaastu analysis reports, for match compatibility reports, to know your lucky stone details, to get your personalized subha muhurtams. We can suggest & perform astrological remedial procedures for your life problems due to various jataka doshams. Please contact us for your all types of astrological needs and suggestions.